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Welcome to 90s Fancy Dress Ideas

You’re visiting the only British (UK) costume website dedicated entirely to the 1990s! If you’re looking for a great party outfit, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to be a Spice Girl or a Banana in Pyjamas, you can use our A-Z below to find an idea. Also, don’t miss our 90s Party Decorations section.

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90s Rave EDM Classic House Techno Music T-Shirt
  • A great retro acid house outfit for all lovers of house music and rave music from the nineties, ideal for a festival rave or club night listening to your favourite electronic dance music DJ

A-Z of 90s Party Costume Ideas for Adults

Woman wearing a Patsy Stone Ab Fab costume, holding a glass of bubbly. Blonde beehive wig, zebra print jacket, gold skirt, beaded necklace.

Ab Fab Patsy Costume

Sweetie Darling, why not become Joanna Lumley’s very memorable 90s character from the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, Patsy Stone, with this ready-made costume, or create your own using a zebra print jacket and blonde beehive wig. Add a glass of champagne and you’re ready to party, sweetie!

Absolutely Fabulous Costume

Jim Carrey lookalike wearing an Ace Ventura Pet Detective outfit. Flower pattern shirt, red and black striped trousers, fake parrot.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Alrighty, then! So you want to become a pet detective? You’ll need a huge quiff, hawaiian shirt and red and black striped trousers, to make you instantly recognisable as Jim Carrey’s eccentric and funny character from the 90s movie. You can also opt for the crazy pink tutu look. We explore both options.

Create an Ace Ventura Costume

Collage of 90s Rave clothing. Smiley Face T-shirt and bandana, blue overalls, Voodoo Rays T-shirt, Bucket Hat, yellow whistle

Acid House Raver

Starting in the late 80s, acid house and rave parties became extremely popular in the early 90s, and creating a look is pretty straightforward. We recommend reading the blog post How to Create an Acid House/Raver look.

Austin Powers purple suit costume and grey Dr. Evil Costume

Austin Powers

There were two Austin Powers films released in the 1990s, which makes this theme ideal for 90s fancy dress. In the first film (1997) he wore a blue suit and in the 1999 sequel he wore a red suit. Become Mike Myers’ outrageous 60s Spy character or even Dr. Evil.

Austin Powers Fancy Dress Costumes

Bananas in Pyjamas fancy dress costumes,  B1 and B2.

Bananas in Pyjamas

B1 and B2 were essential viewing for kids back in the 90s, and you may remember their “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” catchphrase. Obviously, this fancy dress idea is only suitable for couples, but it’s perfect for 90s dress-up. However, the costume is expensive, especially as you need two of them, but turning up at any event as this duo would certainly get you noticed!

Bananas in Pyjamas Fancy Dress Costumes

Man dressed as Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) from 90s Baywatch. Two outfits, yellow T-shirts and red shirts, and red jacket and shorts. with floats.

Baywatch – Mitch Buchannon

The 90s just wouldn’t have been the same without Baywatch on our TV screens, so why not become David Hasslehoff’s hunky Mitch character? Official Lifeguard costumes are available in several styles and include the logo.

Baywatch Costumes for Men

Ladies 90s Baywatch costume. Yellow T-shirt, red shorts, red float.

Baywatch Female Lifeguard

Become C. J. Parker (Pamela Anderson) or any of the other characters with this easy-to-wear shorts and T-shirt costume. It’s an ideal theme for 90s fancy dress. Check out the options using the link below.

Baywatch Costumes for Women

Britney Spears dressed as a schoolgirl, Hit Me Baby One More Time

Britney Spears Schoolgirl

Creating the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” look is relatively straightforward. Use a White Knotted Shrug Top or a white blouse and tie it up around your waist and leave unbuttoned and roll-up the sleeves. Add an unbuttoned grey cardigan with rolled-up sleeves. Add black thigh socks and a black pleated mini skirt. Finally, add a Britney Spears Wig. Read more here…

How to Create a Britney Spears Schoolgirl Costume

Man wearing a Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume. White with green panels and purple hood.

Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond! Become the space ranger superhero from Toy Story (1995) or Toy Story 2 (1999). The adults Buzz Lightyear Costume is quite expensive, but there is also an official costume shirt by Disney for a much lower price.

Buzz Lightyear Costumes, T-shirts and Pyjamas

Man wearing a Cool Runnings 90s Movie Costume, Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Outfit, green, yellow and black.

Cool Runnings Bobsleigh Team

This amusing 1993 comedy movie about a Jamaican bobsleigh team entering the 1988 Winter Olympics became an instant hit. Ready-made costumes in the original green, yellow and black team colours are available, we explore them all.

Best Cool Runnings Costume

2 x Cher Horowitz Clueless Costumes. Red dress and white feather boad, chequered plaid yellow and blue suit.

Cher from Clueless

The 1995 coming-of-age movie brought us another iconic fashion look in the form of Cher’s yellow chequered suit. The rich valley girl was played by Alicia Silverstone. Another look with the red dress andwhite feather boa is also available, and you can also become Dionne.

Cher from Clueless Costumes

Man and woman dressed as Edward Scissorhands and Miss Scissorhands. Black outfits with buckles and scissor blades.

Edward Scissorhands and Miss Scissorhands

This idea is ideal for both Halloween and 90s dress-up. The 1990 fantasy movie by Tim Burton featured Johnny Depp as the gentle artificial man who hand scissor blades for hands. The costume includes the stud and buckle print jacket, gloves and wig. Just wear with black trousers.

Edward Scissorhands Costume

Father Ted Crilly

Father Ted Crilly

“Down with this sort of thing!”. Yes, the 90s brought us some terrific comedies, and this Irish sitcom quickly became a cult classic. Show your appreciation by dressing as Father Ted Crilly himself.

How to Create a Father Ted Costume

Man dressed as Forrest Gump running. Red cap, wig and beard, yellow shirt, red shirts, tube socks and white trainers.

Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates, and you can become the iconic Tom Hanks character from the hugely successful and inspirational 1994 movie. Buy a ready-made outfit or create your own – we show you how!

Forrest Gump Fancy Dress Costume

Two different Fresh Prince of Bel Air costumes. Green and yellow striped T-shirt with baseball cap, and colourful 90s pattern top with Harem pants.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

It was, of course, Will Smith who played the lead role in the popular U.S. sitcom. You can easily recreate the iconic look using a green striped tee, baseball cap and shorts. A ready-made costume is also available in two styles.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Costume

Guns N' Roses Axl Rose Costume Set

Guns N’ Roses – Axl Rose

Axl created an iconic look in the 1990s by wearing a bandana and, more often than not, shorts and a leather jacket. This 90s Rocker set includes the long wig with bandana and shades. Wear with denim shorts. You may also wish to add a fake tattoo sleeve, leather jacket or leather vest .

90s Rocker Kit

Slash from Guns N' Roses Costume Set. Top Hat, Sunglasses, Crucifix Necklace.

Guns N’ Roses – Slash

Dressing up as the band’s lead guitarist is ideal for 80s or 90s themed fancy dress. There are plenty of suppliers selling the top hat and wig, and some sets come with an inflatable guitar, shades, crucifix necklace and fake cigarettes. 

Create a Slash 90s Costume

90s raver outfit with T-shirt, neon tutu and fishnet gloves

I Love the 90s Skirt and Shirt Raver Costume

These colourful neon costume sets for women are perfect for a rave look, hen nights, clubbing and 90s dress-up. See them all here…

I Love 90s Neon Raver Costumes for Women

Jurassic Park Dr. Alan Grant Costume

Forget about amber and mosquito DNA, we’ll show you all the ingredients you need to transform into the chaos-wrangling paleontologist, Dr. Alan Grant. Recreate the khaki and blue denim outfit worn by Sam Neill’s iconic character in the 1993 blockbuster film Jurassic Park.

Create a Dr. Alan Grant Outfit

Keith Flint Prodigy Firestarter Costume for Men

Keith Flint from The Prodigy – Firestarter

You’ll set the party alight in this outfit (but not literally, I hope!) which is one of the most iconic looks from the 90s. This costume includes the stars and stripes shirt, wig and nose ring. 

Prodigy Firestarter Costume

Harry Enfield as Kevin the Teenager

Kevin and Perry

Relive your teenage years, hating your parents (that is so unfair!), sulking and being completely clueless, by becoming the iconic 90s duo Kevin and Perry (Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke). Create your own costumes using accessories such as bucket hats, wigs and rave/Madchester clothing, or buy a costume set.

Create Kevin and Perry Costumes

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Costume


Lara Croft Tomb Raider (1996)

If you remember playing the original 1996 Tomb Raider video game then why not become the sexy lead character Lara Croft? This costume is simple. You’ll need a military or olive green vest top, brown shorts and a gun holster with two fake pistols.

Lara Croft Costume Size 10-12-14

Woman wearing a Madonna Vogue gold cone bra corset costume in a majestic hallway with statues.

Madonna Cone Bra Costume

Recreate the iconic conical bra corset look that Madonna wore during her 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour. We show you three options to choose from. Just make sure you don’t have someone’s eye out while wearing it!

Madonna Pointy Bra Costumes

Man dressed as MC Hammer in the 90s. Black and gold jacket with gold baggy parachute pants

MC Hammer

Along with Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer quickly became one of the best-known mainstream rap stars of the early 90s, after his 1990 single “U Can’t Touch This” reached the top ten across the globe. If you’ve always dreamed of rapping in a pair of oversized parachute pants, then now is your chance!

MC Hammer Fancy Dress

Mr Blobby Fancy Dress Costume, pink with yellow spots, bow tie.

Mr Blobby

Noel’s House Party became essential Saturday evening viewing during the 90s, and Mr. Blobby with his permanent grin and wobbly eyes had many of us in stitches, although there were many who found him deeply annoying, of course! This inflatable costume is ideal for men or women and includes the suit and gloves with bow tie.

Inflatable Mr Blobby Costume

Man doing aerobics and wearing a colourful Mr. Motivator 90s jumpsuit costume.

Mr Motivator

Become the colourful and energetic 90s fitness instructor (Derrick Evans) who woke us up each morning on GMTV. The costume includes the hat, bodysuit and bum bag. Available in medium or large.

Mr Motivator Costume

Noel Gallagher Face Mask

Oasis – Liam or Noel Gallagher

The 90s just wouldn’t gave been the same without the Britpop scene, and you can go mad for it by becoming one of the Gallagher brothers.

How to Create an Oasis 90 Costume

Oasis T-shirts

Two women wearing different Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) prostitute costumes, replicating Pretty Woman 90s movie.

Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts

Who could forget this classic romantic comedy film from the start of the decade, starring Richard Gere as the wealthy businessman Edward Lewis, and Julia Roberts as the Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward. These costumes are based on the outfits Roberts wore in Pretty Woman as a prostitute.

Top 5 Pretty Woman Costumes

I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt, Right Said Fred 90s T-shirt

Right Said Fred

The British band’s debut single became a huge hit and this was soon followed by “I’m too sexy for my…” products starting appearing everywhere during the 90s – I remember receiving a pair of socks as a joke gift at work! Create a Right Said Fred costume using an “I’m Too Sexy for my shirt” T-shirt and bald head cap. The T-shirt is also ideal for 90s festivals.

90's Scouser Shell Suit Costume

Scouser in a Shell Suit

The shell suit was a gaudy nylon version of the tracksuit and actually became cool for a very short time in the late 80s. However, in the 90s, the look became a fashion faux pas, particularly when the “calm down! calm down!” bubble perm scouser characters wore them in Harry Enfield’s Television Programme. Sometimes they wore a standard tracksuit, too. Recreate the look with a shell suit or tracksuit costume, perm wig and stick-on tash.

Scouser Costumes

Shell Suits Fancy Dress

Official Sonic The Hedgehog Costume for Adults

Sonic The Hedgehog

If you owned a Sega Mega Drive back in the day, then you definitely had to own this game, too! Become Sega’s mascot character with this official outfit for adults or kids.

Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

Tango Man 90s Advert Orange Costume

Tango Man

You may well remember those funny Tango adverts from the 90s with the big orange guy. Now you can become Tango Man and annoy the hell out of everyone by slapping their faces! This official costume is available in medium or large.

Tango Orange Man Costume

Teletubbies Po Costume, Red for Adult


These four colourful characters that talked gibberish became a huge commercial success, but can you remember their names? I’ll put you out of your misery. They were Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. This idea is ideal for groups of four, although you could also turn up at the party/event as just one of them, of course.

Teletubbies Costumes

Terminator 2 Arnie Style Real Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Costume

You can easily create an Arnie T-800 costume using the leather biker jacket shown here, Arnie face mask and/or Terminator 2 shades. Add a black T-shirtleather trousers or simply wear with black jeans to save money.

The Mask Jim Carrey Yellow Suit Costume with Mask for Adults

The Mask – Jim Carrey

Who could forget this smokin’ character with the green face and yellow suit! The film became a huge hit in 1994, and you’ll certainly be noticed in this costume! Ideal for 90s dress-up.

Best rated The Mask Costumes

The Powerpuff Girls Costumes, Bubbles (Blue), Blossom (Pink) and Buttercup (Green)

The Powerpuff Girls

Become Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup and fight crime in Townsville! Complete costumes representing the cute, Kindergarten cartoon superheroes are available to buy, but we also show you how to make your own!  

The Powerpuff Girls Costumes

baby Spice Emma Bunton Pink Dress Costume

The Spice Girls

Baby Spice (Emma Bunton)

Emma Bunton gave us another iconic look when she wore cutesy pigtails with a mini dress. To recreate this looks you’ll need a pink summer mini dresswigwhite knee socks and platform trainers/sneakers. Add a Baby necklace to complete your look.

How to Create a Baby Spice Costume

Ginger Spice Union Flag Dress Costume with Wig

Ginger Spice (Geri Haliwell)

Just about everyone remembers Geri’s Union flag dress from the 90s which became iconic. This costume is easy to wear and ideal for the warmer months and include the wig. Available in three sizes from 8 to 18. You may like to add red boots 

How to Create a Ginger Spice Costume

Scary Spice Mel B Costume, Animal Print

Scary Spice (Mel B)

Become Mel B and bring out your wild side! This outfit includes a matching animal print top and trousers, fingerless glove, necklace and arm cuff. Add this afro wig to complete your look.

Visit our Scary Spice Fancy Dress Costume page

Young woman dressed as Sporty Spice (Mel C) in th 90s. Orange crop top and blue tracksuit bottoms with side stripes

Sporty Spice (Mel C)

Remember the iconic Adidas tracksuits with side stripes, the fiery orange crop tops, and the attitude that could knock you off your platform trainers? Then it’s time to unleash your inner Sporty Spice and relive the golden age of girl power! Channel the athletic flair and fierce spirit of Melanie C.

How to create a Sporty Spice Costume

Two This Is My 90s Costume T-shirts with a blue wood panel background

This Is My 90s Costume T-shirt

Perfect for lazy party people and cheapskates who just can’t be bothered faffing around with a full costume. Visit our page for our top picks.

This Is My 90s Costume T-shirts

Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell, wearing a black T-shirt and Wayne's World baseball cap.

Wayne’s World – Wayne

To become Mike Myers’ character Wayne Campbell is relatively easy. You’ll need a Wayne’s World baseball capblack T-shirt and long black mullet wig. Alternatively, you can wear a Wayne’s World T-shirt.

How to create a Wayne Costume

Wayne's World Garth Costume, blonde wig, geek glasses, plaid flannel shirt

Wayne’s World – Garth

There is no actual Garth costume available, but you can easily recreate his iconic 90s look using separate items. You’ll need a Garth Wiggeek glasses, blue check shirt and Aerosmith Aero Force T-shirt. If you’re on a tight budget then just wear a white T-shirt as pictured.

Create a Garth Algar Costume

ToyB Story Woody Costume by Disney

Woody from Toy Story

The original Disney Toy Story movie became a huge hit in 1995. There are several Woody costumes available for adults, but most are poorly rated. This costume set by Disney is the best-rated, although you’ll have to add a yellow check shirt and jeans. You may also like this Woody Costume Shirt which is also receiving great reviews, or a costume printed onto a tee, which is the best value option.

Woody Costume

Collage of six 90s fancy dress ideas. Edward Scissorhands, Cool Runnings, Baby Spice, Baywatch CJ, MC Hammer and 90s Scouser shell suit

That’s it! We hope you found our A-Z of 90s fancy dress ideas useful. Hopefully, you’re now ready to buy or create a great party outfit. Have lots of fun!

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