How to Create a 90s Scouser Fancy Dress Costume

Just about everyone who lived through the early 1990s remembers the hilarious, bubble-permed Scouser trio in Harry Enfield's Television Programme. They were partly responsible for making the shell suit a fashion faux pas, along with the likes of David Icke and a certain cigar-smoking pervert. 

Creating a Scouser costume is pretty straightforward and you can buy off-the-shelf costumes at Amazon. Some feature a tracksuit and others include a nylon shellsuit - the trio wore both, so both are authentic.

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Best Rated 90s Scouser Costume

Red and White Scouser Tracksuit Costume

The outfit that is best-rated by customers is this red and white tracksuit. It's not badly prices, although you'll need to but the wig and tash separately.

Scouser Bubble Perm Wig and Tash Set

If you plan to wear the costumes as a trio, then make sure one of the wigs is grey or a lighter colour than the other two.

Blue and Yellow 90s Scouser Shell Suit with Wig and Tash

Shell Suit Scouser with Wig and Tash

Here is an alternative costume by Mega Fancy Dress which features a blue, yellow and green shellsuit and includes the permwig and moustache.