90s Party Decorations

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Your party isn’t going to be very successful without attractive decor, and we have picked out the best 90s themed party decorations so your party is the best in town! Here you’ll find everything you need, including table cloths, plates, napkins, balloons, banners, twirls, party games, posters, and a whole lot more besides!


    90s Room Decorations

    By adding twirls, backdrops, balloons and banners to a room, you can really bring it to life. You can buy them ready made, or why not make your own using pages from old magazines, or old music cassettes, CDs and VHS tapes. A stack of old tapes or mags will not only look decorative but will give your guests something to sift through and rekindle old memories.

    90s Balloons

    Balloons can really brighten up a room or can be placed outside a venue to make it easy for guests to locate your party.

    90s Table Decorations

    A bare table isn’t going to look great, but with a colourful table cloth and some decorations you can make it look attractive. Why not add so retro childhood games, toys or even snacks to keep your guests entertained. Here are some ideas…

    90s Party Games

    By chosing the right party game, you can really make a party come alive, and it’s an easy way to entertain your guests without you having to do very much! 90s trivia, card and board games are particularly popular, and will bring smiles all round as people rekindle memories from their younger days.

    Totally 90s Trivia
    • You think you know the 90’s? Try your luck at these 100 question 90’s Decade Trivia cards
    • Includes questions about Music, TV, Movies, Sport and Pop Culture

    90s Posters

    Posters of popular pop stars and films will bring back instant memories for your guests, and will add extra decor to a room.

    Movie themes could include Jurassic Park, Titanic, Speed, Clueless and Total Recall, to name but a few. Just make sure they were popular titles. If you want to show your darker side, then opt for thrillers or horror films such as Pulp Fiction, Scream or The Silence Of The Lambs.

    Popular British pop and rock acts included The Spice Girls, Take That, Oasis and Blur. You could opt for a Madchester or Britpop theme, or even acid house and rave.

    Jurassic Park A3 90s Movie Poster
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    Create Your Own 90s Party Posters

    One of the easiest ways to add a touch of 90s to any room is by using posters from old magazines. For instance, if you have any old copies of Smash Hits lying around, then you’ll find posters galore in each issue. The lyrics posters would look particularly cool in a frame. You can easily buy old magazines on ebay if you don’t have any to hand.

    Alternatively, why not just place a few old 90s magazines around the room or on the party tables for your guests to read. This will certainly create a great talking point and bring back oodles of nostalgic memories.

    Smash Hits magazine from 1990 featuring Vanilla Ice on the front cover.

    90s Mugs

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