Baby Spice 90s Costume Accessories Collage

How to Create a Baby Spice 90s Fancy Dress Costume

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Who could forget The Spice Girls bouncy dance-pop debut single "Wannabe" and the iconic video that went with it. Here were five very distinct fashion styles for each of the girls. For this post, I am going to concentrate on creating her "Wannabe" look which consisted of a white mini dress, pigtails and platform trainers/sneakers. You can also add knee socks and use a pink mini dress instead. 

Baby Spice Wigs

If you have long blonde hair, then you can create your own pigtails. However, for most of us a wig will be needed. You may prefer the Britney Spears Hit Me Baby Wig which is a lot cheaper than the Baby Spice wig. The latter appears to be very poorly rated, although many of the reviews are aimed at the Posh Spice wig which is available through the same link.

Baby Spice Dress

Pink strappy summer mini dress for Baby Spice dress-up

B & S Trendz have available this low-cost strappy summer mini dress which is available in white or pink. It's not going to be of the highest quality and maybe a little see-through at this price, but for fancy dress purposes it may suffice. I would suggest wearing pink lycra shorts underneath.

Baby Spice Platform Trainers

Hi Top Platform Trainers

These hi-top platform trainers are great value and highly-rated by customers. They're available in black, navy or white. We suggest choosing white.

Baby Spice Necklace

You may like to add this authentic silver plated Baby necklace which Emma wore back in the 90s. It comes in a gift box and the price is surprisingly low which makes it ideal for fancy dress.

White Knee Socks

You can also add white knee socks which Emma also wore sometimes in the 90s as part of her look.

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