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How to Create a Ginger Spice 90s Costume

Creating a Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) 90s Outfit is pretty straightforward. The main item you'll need is a union jack dress, and this look became an iconic part of the decade. The dresses vary greatly in terms of quality and price, so I'm going to show you where to get the best rated dress at the lowest price.

Union Jack Flag Dress

Ginger Spice Union Jack Dress Outfit

Finding a dress that looks exactly like the original is nigh on impossible. However, this one by Orion Costumes is the closest we could get and the second best ratedby customers - the best rated is below. The price is decent and it's available in three sizes from 10 to 14.

Ginger Spice Union Jack Glitter Dress

This glittery union jack dress is the most highly-rated by customers at Amazon . Reviews suggest it is on the short side, although Geri's dress was pretty short anyway and revealed her black underwear! This dress is available in three sizes from 8 to 18. However, it does not look as authentic as our first choice.

Shiny Red PVC Boots for Ginger Spice fancy dress

Ginger Spice Red Boots

These shiny red PVC boots are the best value and best rated at Amazon and are available in sizes from 3 to 11. They're a little higher than what Geri wore, but for fancy dress purposes they fit the bill nicely.

These boots by Xianshu have more of a platform style which Geri wore and they're roughly the same price as the boots above.

Ginger Spice Wig

Ginger Spice Wig

This is the official wig by Smiffy's. However, the reviews are very mixed so you may want to avoid this item. 

This alternative Ginger Spice wig is available at Fancy Dress Bash. Although the style is a little flat, it should less troublesome than the official wig.

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