Sporty Spice Wannabe 90s Fancy Dress Costume

How to Create a Sporty Spice 90s Costume

Despite extensive searching, there appears to be no Sporty Spice fancy dress costume available any more. The only option is to create your own, although it's pretty straightforward to create a Mel C look.

The girl featured here is replicating the look from the Spice Girls debut video "Wannabe", which remains the girls' most iconic and also brought us their "zig-a-zig-ah" catchphrase.

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Adidas Classic Tracksuit Bottoms

Adidas Tracksuit Bottoms

The outfit basically comprises of Adidas tracksuit bottoms with the classic three vertical stripes down the legs and a sports bra. I recommend choosing blue or black. For fancy dress purposes these are expensive to buy. However, you can get good use out of them by wearing them for workout sessions or around the house etc.

Sporty Spice Tracksuit Bottoms Blue

You may prefer these alternative,low-cost blue jogging pants by Riokoy, which are around a third of the price.

Orange Crop Top for Mel C Spice World costume

Crop VestTop / Sports Bra

This orange crop top by Resultwould be ideal for creating a Spice World or Wannabelook. There are three colours available, although orange is perfect. It features an elasticated band for a comfortable fit and is available for sizes from 6 to 18.

Mel C in 1997 wearing blue Adidas tracksuit bottoms and blue sports bra

Mel C in 1997

Light Blue Sports Bra for Sporty Spice Fancy Dress

A brightly-coloured basic sports bra is relatively cheap to buy. I've chosen this Lapasa Sports Bra in an aqua blue colour which is highly rated by customers and good value.

Sporty Spice Wig

Sporty Spice Wig

Unfortunately, the Sporty Spice Wig being sold at virtually all fancy dress stores is very poorly rated, so I would avoid like the plague. If you have long dark hair then you can style yourself a ponytail. Otherwise, you can back comb your own hair and spray with black hair colour spray and add a black pony tail hair extension

Black Ponytail Hair Extension