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Teletubbies Fancy Dress Costumes

Teletubbies launched in March 1997 on BBC2, and the pre-school programme featuring Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po quickly became a huge hit, not only in the UK, but also in another 120 countries.

This idea is ideal for groups of both sexes, including stag and hen parties, children's parties and 90s themed events. It's a particularly good option if you're not particularly tall, especially if you choose to be Po (the red one), who is the shortest of the four characters - the tallest is Tinky Winky, the purple one.

Now, this is a relatively expensive fancy dress option, but can you imagine the look on people's faces when a group of four teletubbies turn up at the party! It's certainly an ice breaker and is almost certain to raise many a smile.  

Official Teletubbies Costume

Teletubbies Po Red Costume

This official Teletubbies costume for adults (by Rubies) is also the best-rated by customers and is available in all four characters. The real characters are, of course, a little on the podgy side, and the bodysuit includes a pouch for stuffing the belly area. It comes with a separate headpiece. 

Each costume is available to buy separately. Another option is to buy a four costumes pack. However, as I write, this is actually more expensive than purchasing them separately! 

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