Create an Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Costume

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This is a great option for 90s fancy dress, as Jim Carrey’s whacky character is so recognisable. Three components will give you the look you need, a huge quiff, Hawaiian shirt and striped, red trousers. You can also choose to go for the tutu look, although that head slam is entirely optional!

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Ace Ventura Tutu Fancy Dress Costume

Man wearing an Ace Ventura tutu costume. Pink tutu, chequered shorts, white pattern shirt, black boots.

Now, although a ready-made Ace Ventura tutu costume is available ready-made at Halloween Costumes (as shown here), for the U.S. market, but is no longer sold in the UK. Fear not! I’m going to show you how to create your own costume using the items featured a little further down the page.

The costume comes in five sizes for men from X-small to extra large and includes the shirt, tutu, elasticated plaid shorts (for an easy fit) and the wig.

Plus size 2XL costume is also available

Wigs are not as easy to manipulate as your own hair, so if you have a good head of hair then you may prefer to try and style it with plenty of hair spray. Add some cheap black boots, loosen the laces and pull the tongue outwards.

The costume is also available at who ship to the UK. Use the link below.

You can also create the look using separate items. You’ll need a pair of plaid shortslight pink ballet tutu, short sleeve pattern shirt and some combat boots.

Men's Low Cost Plaid Shorts, NavyPink Tutu for Adults Ace Ventura CostumeAce Ventura Pattern Shirt for MenMen's Army Tactical Combat Boots  - Best Value, UK supplier


Hawaiian Shirt Pet Detective Costume

Man dressed as Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Hawaiian Shirt, black and red striped trousers, fake parrot.
Ace Ventura Pet Detective Outfit by Orion Costume
Striped trouser, Hawaiian shirt, belt and I.D.

The second costume includes a flower power Hawaiian shirt, striped red and black pirate trousers, belt, business card. However, the Ace Ventura quiff wig and parrot are not included. You can also buy a plus size 2XL costume

The parrot is sold separately but is not essential. You’ll need to add a pair of tall black lace-up boots if you don’t have any. Like the first outfit, this one comes in four sizes up to X-Large. However, it is more expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget then you may want to choose the first option.

Smiffys Nineties Detective Wig – Brown
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  • Add our Nineties Detective Wig

You can, of course, create your own costume with separate components.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Men's Costume with Wig by Orion Costumes. L or XLAce Ventura Pet Detective Men’s Costume with Wig by Orion Costumes. L or XLOfficially Licensed Ace Ventura Wig for MenOfficially Licensed Ace Ventura Wig for Men* Best Value * Men's Hawaiian Shirt* Best Value * Men’s Hawaiian ShirtPet Detective Fancy Dress Set. Includes a yellow Hawaiian shirt, white T-Shirt, black sunglassesand inflatable parrot.Pet Detective Fancy Dress Set. Includes a yellow Hawaiian shirt, white T-Shirt, black sunglassesand inflatable parrot.90s Pet Detective Wig for Men90s Pet Detective Wig for MenWomen's Ace Ventura Pet Detective Costume in 4 Sizes.Women’s Ace Ventura Pet Detective Costume in 4 Sizes.Red and Black Striped Mod TrousersRed and Black Striped Mod TrousersRed and Black Striped Bodybuilding Gym PantsRed and Black Striped Bodybuilding Gym PantsRed and Black Striped Pirate Trousers at Horror-Shop.comRed and Black Striped Pirate Trousers at Horror-Shop.comBlack belt with silver buckleBlack belt with silver buckleTall Lace-Up Combat BootsTall Lace-Up Combat Boots


This style of jeans was pretty hard to find, but I managed to locate three pairs that will be suitable for your outfit. The style of the mod trousers is tighter than the pirate trousers that Jim Carrey wore, but for fancy dress purposes they’re ideal. You’ll need to add an Ace Ventura Wig unless you have enough hair to style, of course!

Striped Yellow Bodybuilding Trousers


If you want to create Carrey’s style in the sequel Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, then use yellow trousers instead. This pair of bodybuilding pants has the baggier look required and are considerably cheaper than the red mod trousers that I featured above. While the stripes aren’t as thick and authentic, the looser style is preferable.

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Austin Powers 90 Movie Costume

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