Create a Dr. Alan Grant Jurassic Park Costume

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Step into the thrilling world of Jurassic Park as we embark on a journey to recreate the iconic Dr. Alan Grant costume, immortalized by the legendary Sam Neill.

Channel your inner paleontologist and dive into the adventure of bringing this beloved character to life. With attention to detail and a passion for authenticity, we invite you to explore the steps and intricacies of crafting a costume that captures the essence of Dr. Grant’s rugged charm.

From his signature hat to the well-worn khaki and denim ensemble, join us on this expedition to celebrate one of cinema’s most memorable characters from 1993.

Ready-made fancy dress costumes tend not to be of the highest quality, and by creating your own, you will be able to create a decent quality outfit for a reasonable price. So let’s get started.

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Fedora Hat

Beige Cotton Fedora Hat for MenBeige Cotton Fedora Hat for Men


Let’s start at the top. A cream or beige coloured hat with a band is an essential part of your Alan Grant look, and this one by The Hat Company is the perfect style. It’s also highly rated by customers and the price is really decent.

Red Neckerchief

Red Neckerchief for MenRed Neckerchief for Men


This paisley patterned neckerchief/scarf by Lovarzi is great value and is dispatched by It’s an optional accessory but your costume will look more authentic and complete with it. Tie into a knot around your neck.

Blue Denim Shirt

Blue Cotton Oxford Shirt for MenBlue Cotton Oxford Shirt for MenBlue Denim Shirt for Alan Grant (Sam Neill)  CostumeBlue Denim Shirt for Alan Grant (Sam Neill) Costume


I have two options for you, a blue cotton Oxford shirt and an Amazon Essentials denim shirt. Both have very positive customer feedback and are also low-priced. The denim shirt is more authentic but is a higher price, as I write. Whichever shirt you opt for, be sure to roll up the sleeves to just belyour elbow, as Sam Neill did in the film.

Khaki Chinos

Khaki Chinos for Alan Grant Outfit


Beige/Khaki chinos are a classic and widely available. You may even have a pair in your wardrobe. These Amazon Essentials straight-fit chinos are perfect for your look.

Tan Ankle Boots

Cheap Tan Boots by Urban TerritoryCheap Tan Boots by Urban Territory


The boots are really going to add to the cost of your costume, but you can, at least, continue to wear them afterwards. However, this pair of boots by Urban Territory won’t reak the bank. If this pushes you over budget then a pair of brown shoes will suffice, and you may already have a pair.

Additional Accessories

A brown leather belt and aviator shades are optional extras, but will enhance your costume for the ultimate Dr. Alan Grant look. I’ve picked out these low-cost options for you…

Brown Leather BeltBrown Leather BeltGold Frame Aviator SunglassesGold Frame Aviator Sunglasses


Wrist Watch

The watch worn by Alan Grant in Jurassic Park is a Vintage Waltham Military Watch. To replicate this watch, it will need a military green strap and a cream dial with bold numerals.

Low-Cost Military Watch for Dr. Alan Grant costumeLow-Cost Military Watch for Dr. Alan Grant costume


Ready-Made Alan Grant Jurassic Park Costume

Jurassic Park, Dr. Alan Grant Fancy Dress Costume for MenJurassic Park, Dr. Alan Grant Fancy Dress Costume for Men


You can buy a ready-made Alan Grant costume by Fun Costumes, but please note that it does not include the beige trousers, flare prop or aviator sunglasses. You will receive the blue cotton shirt, neckerchief, hat, badge and two belt pouches.

A Plus Size Alan Grant Costume is also available for men at Fun Costumes.

Man dressed as Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Beige Fedora hat, red neckerchief, blue denim shirt, beige chinos

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