How to Create a Father Ted Fancy Dress Costume

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There’s no doubt that Father Ted was one of the finest comedies to come out of the 90s. For this post, I’m going to show you how to put together a Father Ted Crilly outfit. He was, of course, played by the late Dermot Morgan.

Father Ted Crilly

Black Suit

Men's Cheap black suit for Father Ted costume


In the series, Crilly rarely wore a full priest robe and was often dressed in a dark suit with the collar and shirt worn underneath. So, if you have a dark grey or black suit then you’re already halfway to completing your look! If not, then this black suit by You Look Ugly Today (charming name!) is the cheapest I could find for fancy dress purposes.

Cheap Black Suit

Priest Shirt and Collar for Father Ted costume.


Priest Shirt and Collar

Buying an authentic priest shirt and collar is pretty expensive (around £30). However, thankfully, a fancy dress version is available from Bristol Novelties on Amazon for less than a third of the price. 

Priest Shirt and Collar Set

Grey Wig for 90s Priest Costume

Father Ted Wig

This grey men’s wig by Smiffy’s is the closest to Father Ted’s hairstyle that I could find and is very reasonably priced. However, there are a couple of other option which you may want to check out. 

All Father Ted Wigs

Father Ted Wig by Magic Box


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