Forrest Gump Fancy Dress Costume

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“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Well, you’ll know exactly what your getting by the time you’ve finished reading this article, as we’ve made it easy for you to buy or create your own Forrest Gump fancy dress costume, with options up to 4XL.

The film, a cinematic masterpiece, was directed by Robert Zemeckis and based on the novel by Winston Groom, and has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Released in 1994, the movie tells the extraordinary life story of a man with a simple mind but an extraordinary spirit, Forrest Gump. Played by Tom Hanks, Forrest takes us on a journey through decades of American history, showcasing the power of perseverance, love, and the unexpected turns that life often takes.

So why not dress-up as Forrest Gump and pay homage to the iconic and beloved character? The theme is ideal for 90s and movie themed parties and events.

Ready-Made Costumes

Before we show you how to create your own Forrest Gump running costume, we have two ready-made outfits to show you, although one is more complete than the other.

Forrest Gump Running Costume. Red baseball cap, yellow T-shirt with green edging, red running shorts.Forrest Gump Running Costume. Red baseball cap, yellow T-shirt with green edging, red running shorts.


This first option by Orion Costumes includes a red baseball hat, yellow V-neck T-shirt with green edging, and a pair of red running shorts with white trim. It comes in standard and X-Large sizes for adults. However, please note that the wig, beard and socks are not included – scroll down the page to see these.

Plus Size 2XL Forrest Gump Run Costume. Shirt, shorts, wig, beard, red cap, white tube socks.Plus Size 2XL Forrest Gump Run Costume. Shirt, shorts, wig, beard, red cap, white tube socks.


This next option by Fun Costumes looks more authentic but, for whatever reason, is only available in plus sizes, which is a great shame as it includes everything shown in the image apart from the trainers. It is on the expensive side but will, nonethless, save you the hassle of purchasing seperate items. Here are the three sizes available;

2XL Forrest Gump Costume

3XL Forrest Gump Costume

4XL Forrest Gump Costume

Two men wearing dressed as Forrest Gump running. Red baseball cap, yellow shirt with green edging, red shirts with white edging, tube socks, trainers, wig and beard.

Create your own Forrest Gump Costume

Red Bubba Gump Baseball Cap

There are literally dozens of suppliers selling replica caps, but we have picked out this Forrest Gump Snapback Cap, as it is the most authentic-looking and has hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers.

Red Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Snapback Baseball CapRed Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Snapback Baseball Cap


Wig and Beard

This wig and beard set by Wicked Costume is ideal for a Forrest Gump look.

Wig and Beard Set for Forrest Gump CostumeWig and Beard Set for Forrest Gump Costume


Yellow Polo Shirt

This low-cost, plain yellow polo shirt by Uneek Clothing will be ideal for your costume. Finding a shirt with the black and green edging is, as expected, impossible!

Plain Yellow Polo ShirtPlain Yellow Polo Shirt


Red Running Shorts

Finding the correct red shorts has proved to be much more of a challenge than anticipated. They are either way too short or don’t have the white trim. However, we managed to find a perfect pair of red and white runner shorts at BoohooMan, and the price is quite low, too.

Red Running Shorts with white trimRed Running Shorts with white trim


Tube Socks

Gump’s socks were white with two black bands across the top. These bamboo tube socks by LemonyLeev look perfect, but come in packs of three pairs.

White Tube Socks - 3 PairsWhite Tube Socks – 3 Pairs


Nike Trainers

The most authentic choice is the NIKE Men’s Air Force 1 ’07 Basketball Shoe, which is also similar to the pair worn by Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future. A lower cost option is the NIKE Men’s Court Vision Sneaker, although still expensive for fancy dress purposes.

NIKE Men's Court Vision SneakerNIKE Men’s Court Vision Sneaker


Unless you plan on wearing your trainers for the long-term, you will be far better off opting for a cheap pair. These white lace-up trainers by Shoe Zone will be ideal.

That’s it! You’re Forrest Gump fancy dress costumes is complete!

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