Wayne’s World Garth Costume

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Garth Algar (played by Dana Carvey) is one of the most recognisable movie characters to come out of the 90s, and on this page we’re going to show you how to create a quick and easy Garth from Wayne’s World fancy dress costume. Plus, it’s a fun fancy dress idea which is also ideal for couples – create a Wayne costume here

A Garth and Wayne costume set is also available, although it’s rather expensive for what you receive and doesn’t include the shirts, so we don’t really recommend it.

You’ll need four to six items depending on how much complete you want your look to be.

Men’s Garth We’re Not Worthy Costume
Includes blue plaid shirt, blonde wig and geek glasses.

Garth Wig

This Garth Algar blonde wig comes with the glasses which means all you need to add now is a shirt and jeans.

Black Frame Geek Glasses for Garth Algar Costume


Geek Glasses

This pair of clear lens geek glasses is available for an unbelievably low price and the customer ratings are very positive indeed.

Aerosmith Aero Force One T-shirt, as worn by Garth Algar in Wayne's World.

Aerosmith Aero Force One T-shirt

This is the design worn by Garth in the film, and this official tee is which is being sold by TV Tees at Amazon is highly rated and available in sizes from S to 3XL.

Aerosmith T-shirt as worn by Garth Algar

This Garth fancy dress set includes a blonde wig, black geek glasses and a blue plaid shirt. Wear with the Aerosmith shirt for a more authentic look. It comes in a standard and XL size for men.

Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt for Garth Algar Costume

Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt

If you happen to have a blue chequered shirt in your wardrobe then you’re ready to go. Finding a shirt with the exact patterning has proved to be impossible, but I’m not sure that anyone really remembers the exact shirt Garth wore, or really cares, to be honest!

We like this blue plaid flannel chequered shirt and is an Amazon Essentials item, making it great value, and it looks pretty similar to the one he wore in the photo below. It comes in sizes from small to XXL.

Twilight Blue Checked Flannel Shirt for Men, S to XXLTwilight Blue Checked Flannel Shirt for Men, S to XXL


Blue Denim Straight Leg Jeans

Blue Denim Jeans

Add a pair of straight leg light blue denim jeans. Any light blue denim jeans will suffice, as long as they don’t have turn-ups or are too tight such as skinny jeans. Rip holes in the knee area for a more authentic look.

Black and White Canvas Baseball Pumps

Canvas Baseball Pumps

Complete your look with a pair of black and white lace-up canvas plimsolls which have a white toe area at the front.

Congratulations! Your Garth costume is now complete and you are ready to annoy the hell of of everyone by repeatedly shouting “we’re not worthy…we’re not worthy”.

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