How to Create a Ginger Spice 90s Costume

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Creating a Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) 90s fancy dress costume is pretty straightforward. Firstly, the main item you’ll need is a union jack dress, and this look became an iconic part of the decade. The dresses vary greatly in terms of quality and price, so I’m going to show you where to get the best rated dress at the lowest price.

Smiffy’s Ginger Spice Costume (pictured above)

Union Jack Flag Dress

Low Cost Union Flag Dress for Ginger Spice Costume


I want to start with the cheapest option which is just £10 (as I write), although this is subject to change. This union flag dress actually bears quite a resemblance to Geri’s dress, being low-cut around the neck and featuring a wide red cross. For those of you on a tight budget, this is a decent option, although be aware that it’s one size fits all, so you may not get the best fit.

Bestseller No. 1
Ladies Sequin Union Jack Dress – Large – Red, White and Blue…
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SaleBestseller No. 2
Ladies Union Jack Dress – XX-Large – Red, White and Blue…
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Ginger Spice Union Flag Dress Costume


Finding a dress that looks exactly like the original is nigh on impossible. However, this one by Amscan on Amazon is pretty close. The price is reasonable and it’s available in four sizes – S, M, L or XL.

Please note that the wig and red boots are not included – you will receive only the union jack dress.

Ginger Spice Union Flag Dress with Wig by Fun Costumes.


I’ll discuss the wigs available further down this post but if you would like the convenience of buying the union flag dress and wig together, then this option by Fun Shack represents good value.

Ginger Spice Costume by Smiffys. Union flag dress


The most popular Ginger Spice outfit online is this one by Smiffys, and one reason for its popularity is that the size options range from 4 to 26. Also, the British company is one of the best-know fancy dress suppliers in the UK. Please note, however, that the wig and boots are not included.

Sparkly Sequin Geri Union Jack Dress with Wig


This glittery sequin union jack dress will add some sparkle to your look, and it comes with a wig, too! Be aware that the length is a tad on the short side, although Geri’s dress was pretty short anyway and often revealed her black underwear! This dress is available in five sizes from small to XXL.

Ginger Spice Red Boots

Red Long Boots for Ginger Spice Costume


Finding boots that look exactly like those that Geri wore has been an impossible task, but the best option is to wear red go-go boots, which are basically 60s style shiny red PVC boots. They’re a little higher than what Geri wore, but for fancy dress purposes they are ideal. They’re not cheap, but after some shopping around, I found this pair on Amazonwhich are good value and better rated than other suppliers.

Red Go Go Boots – Sizes 3 to 8

Red Boot Top Covers


The cheaper alternative is to buy red boot top covers. However, I would advise you not to bother, as it is impossible to make them look half decent like in the misleading picture. Basically, they’re cheap but look rubbish, so a complete waste of money – don’t bother!

Red Go Go Boot Covers

Ginger Spice Wig


Ginger Spice Wig

Unless you have ginger hair, then you’re definitely going to need a wig to complte your Geri look. This is the official wig by Smiffy’s, and you can also choose any of the other four Spice Girl’s wigs from the same supplier.

Bestseller No. 1

90s Ginger Pop Star Wig


This next wig by I Love Fancy Dress is also available for a decent price.

Sporty Spice Costume

Baby Spice Costume

Scary Spice Costume

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