Madonna Cone Bra Costume

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier created one of the most iconic fashion looks of the 90s for Madonna, when she wore his cone bra corset during her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour. The pointy brassiere was certainly eye-catching (indeed, it could have had someone's eye out!) and this is a fun look to recreate for 90s fancy dress.

Thankfully, there is a choice of ready-made costumes available, although some only come in small sizes, sadly. The pop diva costume shown here is only available in X-small at Amazon for some reason. A very cheap Queen of Pop costume is available at Amazon, but it's not a recommended choice.

I recommend searching on on ebay. Look out for the first outfit featured here, which is, by far, the best choice. It also includes the leggings and belt. You can also buy this on (the supplier ships to the UK) but it's not available on the Amazon UK store. It can also be bought at in four sizes up to XL. However, it's a tad expensive, so you may prefer this next one...

Madonna Cone Bra Corset Gold

This is my top pick for the best value costume in terms of price and quality. It's available at Amazon's UK store in only an X-small size, but is on the US store in more size choices. However, you should also find it on ebay's UK store being shipped by an international supplier.

Cheapest Costume

This next costume is only available in small sizes and is only ideal for a petite lady. It's cheap, but will probably only last for one night. I don't really recommend picking this costume unless you really are strapped for cash. Add shiny black leggings to complete your look.