How to Create an Oasis 90s Fancy Dress Costume

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On this page we’re going to show you the best way to create an Oasis costume and how to look like Liam or Noel Gallagher in the 90s. All you will need to add is some swagger and let everyone know you’re “mad for it”.

Men's Classic Khaki Green Hooded Parka Coat


Green Mod Parka

Essentially, you’ll need a Mod style, and a classic khaki/green Parka jacket fits the bill perfectly. It can be with or without the fur lined hood, but make sure it’s a loose fit. They vary greatly in price, ranging from around £29 to over £100. We like the one featured here by Island Trading.

Lambretta Mens M 51 Fishtail Parka Coat
Quilted lining with an Inside pocket with a heavy duty zip.

Liam Gallagher is Britain’s Most Effortless Style Icon


A cheaper alternative is an anorak (Rain Jacket), of which Liam Gallagher wore many designs and brands. Pretty Green and Stone Island are brands he was very fond of, although the eye-watering prices (in the £hundreds) are out of reach for the majority of jo public! Cheaper sub £100 brands to look for are Lambretta and adidas. Khaki, olive and military green, and black are authentic colour choices.

Lambretta Mens Outdoor Parka Jacket – Khaki
  • -Fishtail parka with hood -Military style badge to sleeve -Shower resistant finish -Drawcord waist
Olive Green Hooded Raincoat for Liam Gallagher Costume
Lightweight, waterproof jacket for men.
90s Britpop Accessory Set
Bucket Hat, Round Frame Glasses with Orange Lenses and a pack of 2x Fake Cigarettes

adidas Firebird Tracksuit Top with three stripes


90s Adidas Tracksuit

The Adidas Tracksuit Top with the three arm stripes is another 90s Madchester classic, and was worn by both Liam and Noel.

adidas Classic Three Stripes Tracksuit Jacket
  • Lightweight tricot fabric for a smooth, shiny look

Adidas Firebird Track Jacket

Straight Leg Blue Jeans


Straight Leg Jeans

Wear straight leg jeans but not skinny jeans. Slim fit jeans are also okay if you already have a pair.

Liam and Noel Face Masks

Liam Gallagher Oasis Teashades MaskLiam Gallagher Oasis Teashades MaskLiam Gallagher Budget Face MaskLiam Gallagher Budget Face MaskNoel Gallagher Photo Mask. Packs of 1 to 50 available.Noel Gallagher Photo Mask. Packs of 1 to 50 available.Oasis - Party Mask Noel GallagherOasis – Party Mask Noel Gallagher


One of the quickest and easiest ways to get an Oasis look is with a photo face mask. They’re very cheap to buy, great fun and you will look instantly like either Liam or Noel!

Oasis Noel Britpop Wig


Oasis 90s Wig

The other option is to buy a wig.This Oasis Britpop wig replicates Noel’s hair style pretty well. We found the best price via Smiffy’s at Amazon.

Men's Oasis Gallagher Bros Wig


Although this is not an official Oasis wig, it does have the look of a 90s britpop star, and it’s very nicely priced, too. 

Smiffy’s Britpop Wig

Liam Gallagher 90s Wig


Although described as a boy band wig, this item is very highly rated by customers and has a very similar look to Liam’s hair in the 90s. It’s also very good value.

Brown Boy Band Wig

Round Shades

Both Noel and Liam have worn John Lennon 60s style round sunglasses known as teashades. You can buy these in a wide range of colours.

Round 60s Sunglasses with green lens


Oasis T-shirt

An Oasis T-Shirt will confirm just who you are dressed as. Of course, you could just turn up to a 90s party or event with a Tee as your costume if you can’t be bothered dressing up, but don’t blame me if everyone calls you a cheapskate!

Blue Oasis Band Logo T-shirt for Men.


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