Prodigy Firestarter Fancy Dress Costume

If you've always wanted to become a raging punk firestarter, then now is your opportunity! Fronted by the spiky-haired punkin' instigator Keith Flint, the Prodigy's controversial song set the charts alight back in 1996, and has spent 63 weeks in the UK Top 100. Recreating the iconic look is perfect for 90s fancy dress, and there are two ready-made costumes available - but which one is the best choice? 

Keith Flint Firestarter Costume for Men

Fun Shack Firestarter Costume

This costume is exclusive to Fun Shack and is my preferred choice. Included is the top, red trousers, wig and studded choker.

While the top doesn't look as authentic as in the second costume below, this is the best value Keith Flint costume as it also includes the trousers, and comes in three sizes.

Out of the two costumes, this one includes the best wig. It's not perfect and it will need some manipulating, but it is, at least, wearable.

Prodigy Firestarter Costume - Keith Flint

Smiffy's Party Starter Costume

Although the top looks more authentic than the first costume, unfortunately, the wig looks nothing like photo and is actually useless, resembling the top of a pineapple.

The costume is also one size only and does not include the trousers.