Slash Fancy Dress Costume

Creating the iconic 80s/90s Slash outfit is relatively straightforward, and the most important part of the costume is obviously going to be that top hat and those long, curly locks. Thankfully, there are many ready-made slash fancy dress costume kits available that will allow you to  become the Guns N' Roses lead guitarist (real name Saul Hudson) in no time at all!

The most popular item with customers is this three piece Slash set which includes the top hat with attached wig, aviator sunglasses and a crucifix necklace. Feedback is pretty positive and it's perfect for creating a quick and easy look. You can also add further accessories such as fake cigarettes and inflatable guitar.

Slash 6 piece 90s rocker fancy dress accessories aet

This accessory set includes a more authentic-looking top hat, but does not include a wig, It does, however, include a fake guitar, fake cigarettes, cross necklace, sunglasses and 2 gold rings (which are also fake, obviously!). 

Now, there are several options when it comes to the T-shirt. You could wear a plain black tee or a black vest top (which are the cheapest options), a Guns N' Roses T-shirt, or a T-shirt featuring another band. Slash often wore T-shirts featuring other bands including Led Zeppellin, Metallica, Motorhead and Wasted Youth.