The Mask 90s Movie Fancy Dress Costumes

If wearing a yellow suit with a green face doesn't get you noticed, then nothing will! Jim Carrey's smokin' character is pretty memorable and ideal for 90s, movie and Halloween themed fancy dress. There are a number of different costumes available, so let's explore which are the best ones.

The Mask Costume for Men by Orion Costumes

Best Mask Costume - Our Top Choice

In terms of customer satisfaction and the overall look of the costume, our top pick is this one by Orion Costumes. It's reasonably priced and receiving plenty of praise from customers. It's not the cheapest option, but to coin an old phrase "what you pay for is what you get" springs to mind.

The outfit is available in standard or extra large sizes and includes the jacket, trousers, white shirt front, replica polka dot tie and a yellow hat with a feather. A mask is not included, but to save on costs you can also use black lipstick and green face paint

The Mask Jum Carrey 90s Costume by Fun Shack

As I write, this costume by Fun Shack is just a tad cheaper for the standard 42-45 size, but the small and X-large were roughly the same price. Once again, the customer feedback is positive. You will receive a yellow suit (obviously), mock shirt front, tie and matching hat. Overall, it doesn't look as refined as the first costume, and the tie isn't as authentic.

Yellow Gangster Zoot Suit Costume

The cheapest option is this Yellow Gangster Zoot Suit which comes in standard and large sizes. However, the feedback is rather mixed, although it looks pretty much identical to the costume above, apart from the tie which has different patterning. If you're on a tight budget then this may be your preferred option.

The Mask Jim Carrey Green Mask

This latex mask by Rubber Johnnies (yes, that really is the company name!) is the best rated by customers and described as "tear resistant". However, as with many masks, the eye holes may not line up perfectly for everyone as we all have different shaped faces, of course. Therefore, you may wish to use make-up and paints instead.

We've picked out these make-up items which have great customer feedback. For very little extra cost, adding darklipstick and eyeliner will really add the finishing touch to your look.

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