This Is My 90s Costume T-shirts for Lazy Party People!

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So you’ve been invited to a 90s themed party or event, but you can’t be bothered with all the hassle or expense of purchasing a full costume. Whether you’re a cheapskate, lazy type or just watching your budget, I get it, and I have the perfect solution for you – a This is My 90s Costume T-shirt!

Let’s face it, a colourful shirt telling everyone it’s your costume is downright cheeky, but it works and it’s also funny. So bust out your bucket hat and express your 90s love the easy way!

Let’s have a look at where to find the best tees.

Budget Picks – Lowest Prices

These tees are available at the lowest prices…

Top Picks – Our Favourite Designs

Colourful This Is My 90s Costume Triangles Graphic T-shirt

Black T-shirt with a bold and colourful "This Is My 90's Costume" triangles graphic in pink, yellow and blue.

My favourite design features lots of triangles in vibrant pink, yellow and blue colours, and it’s definitely bold and in-your-face! It’s available for men, women, and kids with sizes up to 6XL.

This Is My Lazy 90s Costume T-Shirt

Blue T-shirt with "This is my lazy 90's costume" message and 90s graphics, with Nintendo NES.

So you’re lazy and you’re not afraid to show it! This colourful T-shirt by 90s Quotes is for you, and it comes in a choice of 10 colours for adults and kids. I particularly like the royal blue (as shown above), but the design also works well with black, purple, and heather. Sizes up to 3XL are available.

Most Popular 90s Costume T-shirt

This shutter shades graphic T-shirt is the most popular choice in the genre on It comes in five colour choices, although black works best. Sizes range from 2 years (child) up to 6XL for adults.

This Is My 90s Costume Old Computer T-shirt

This is my 90s Costume T-shirt for computer geeks, with old 90s PC computer graphic.

If you remember grappling with Windows 95 and low-res graphics, then you may prefer this computer-themed T-shirt featuring an old PC from the 90s. You can pick from a wide range of colours, although the design works best with black, olive, heather, and navy.

90s Technology Costume T-shirt

This is my 90s Costume T-shirt with 90s tech theme, floppy disk, Game Boy, CRT TV.

It was the decade of portable LCD games and unreliable storage. Why not show some love for old 90s tech such as the Game Boy and 3.5″ floppy, with this quirky design? It’s available in six colours for men and women up to 3XL.

This Is My 90's Costume Black TeeBUY from This Is My 90s Costume V-Neck T-shirtBUY from is My 90's Costume Vintage Nostalgic CassettesBUY from is my 90s costume T-shirt with roller skate and Game Boy graphicsBUY from


Most Popular – Bestsellers

Here are the Top 5 most popular Tees right now…

Bestseller No. 1
This Is My 90-s Costume T-Shirt 80’s 90’s Party Tee T-Shirt
  • This Retro This Is My 90s Costume Tee Shirt Makes an Awesome Gift or Present For Those Who Love 80s…
Bestseller No. 2
This Is My 90s Costume Vintage T-Shirt
  • This Is My 90s Costume Vintage
Bestseller No. 3
This Is My 90s Costume T-Shirt 1990s Party Shirt T-Shirt
  • Perfect Gift Idea for Men / Women / Kids – This Is My 90s Costume Shirt. Funny present for dad,…
Bestseller No. 4
This Is My Lazy Nineties Costume 90s T-Shirt
  • If you are made in the 90s or if you love 90s music then this cool retro 90s design is just for you!…
Bestseller No. 5
This Is My 90s Costume T-Shirt T-Shirt
  • Perfect Gift Idea for Men / Women / Kids – This Is My 90s Costume Shirt. Funny present for dad,…

Why not add this 90s acid house/raver bucket hat to complete your look?

Yellow Smiley Face 90s Raver Bucket HatYellow Smiley Face 90s Raver Bucket Hat


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