Top 5 Pretty Woman Fancy Dress Costumes

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Become the iconic 90s character Vivian Ward (played by Julia Roberts), with our pick of the Top 5 Pretty Woman fancy dress costumes for women.

Released in 1990, the film provided many iconic fashion moments, and captured hearts with its heart-warming story of a Hollywood escort with a kind heart and a dream for something more. When she meets Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a ruthless businessman in need of a polished companion, their lives become intertwined in a week-long whirlwind.

The film provided an adventure that whisks you away on a captivating journey of transformation and unexpected love. You can recapture this moment by dressing-up as Vivian Ward, and we have chosen several looks from the film using the 5 best Pretty Woman outfits.

Five women wearing the Top 5 Pretty Woman (Vivian Ward) Fancy Dress Costumes.

Costume 1 — Pink and Black Vivian Ward Dress by So West

Woman dressed as Vivian War (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman. She is wearing a sleeveless pink crop top, black mini skirt and thigh high black PVC boots.
Vivian Ward Costume
90s Hooker Pretty Woman Dress Costume
Ideal for 90s dress-up. Low price.

With our top choice, you can recreate the iconic fashion look from the film’s original promotional poster, in which Gere and Roberts are stood back to back. Julia is wearing a pink and black dress with open sides. It’s basically a baby pink crop top attached to a black mini skirt, worn with thigh-high, black and shiny PVC boots with stiletto heels.

This ready-made Vivian Ward hooker costume is available by So West Fancy Dress, which includes the sleeveless pink top and black mini skirt which are all-in-one. The price is under £10, as I write, but this is subject to change. Please note, however, that the black PVC boots are not included. Unfortunately, these are rather expensive to buy, but are essential for creating an authentic look.

Costume 2 — Fun Costumes Pretty Lady

Woman wearing a Pretty Woman white and blue dress, black cap, dog tags and thigh-length black boots.
Pretty Lady Costume

This is the most authentic looking Pretty Woman costume, although it is also the most expensive. Nonetheless, it features attention to detail, and if you really want to turn heads at a fancy dress party, then this is the best option.

The Still Pretty Lady Outfit by Fun Costumes includes two different necklaces, including a dog tag, a blonde bob wig and dress, which includes a blue patterned tube skirt and midriff white tank top, which are connected by a metal O-ring.

The patterning of the blue skirt really makes this outfit stand out and gives an authentic look. Please note that the black PVC boots and Newsboy Hat are not included.

Pretty Lady Women’s 90s Movie Costume Dress
  • Made by Franco Costumes, the creator of Franco Costume Culture, a third-generation business with a proven passion for Halloween….

Costume 3 — White and Blue Dress by Starline

Woman dressed as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. Blonde bob wig, white and blue dress with metal attachment, black thigh length boots with stiletto heels.
Blue and White Pretty Woman Outfit

This second look provides another fashion style from the film in the form of the revealing white and blue dress with ring attachment.

A Vivian Ward dress by Starline features a white sleeveless crop top, open sides, and a blue sequined skirt section. It’s available in three sizes; small, medium and large, but does not include the blonde bob wig or black thigh-length boots

Costume 4 — Best Value Vivian Ward Dress

Blonde haired woman wearing a Vivian Ward Pretty Woman Dress by So West Fancy Dress. White and blue with thigh high boot covers, black.

A cheaper option by So West Fancy Dress is available which comes with long boot covers. You can wear the covers with a pair of high heel shoes. Given the lower price, obviously, the dress is not as high quality as the previous option, and it’s made with more basic materials. However, if you’re dressing up for one night, then it’s a more budget-friendly choice.

Costume 5 — Pretty Woman Fancy Dress Kit

Woman wearing a Pretty Woman outfit. Black newsboy hat, white and blue dress with side cutouts, red jacket tied around the waist and black boot tops.
Pretty Woman Kit

This is the most complete outfit and good value considering what you receive, which is everything in the picture. Sold by So West Fancy Dress, included is a blue and white dress, red jacket, blonde wig, hat, and boot top covers – everything you need to dress as Vivian Ward.


White Knotted Blouse with rolled-up sleeves

Vivian Ward with Edward Lewis. She is wearing a white knotted blouse over a white and blue cutout dress.

If you want to create a more individualistic or alternative look. Then why not add a white long sleeved blouse and tie it around your waist and roll up the sleeves to your elbows, as Vivian wore it in the shopping scene with Edward Lewis.

The cheapest and simplest option is to use a white knotted shrug…

Long Sleeved White Knotted ShrugLong Sleeved White Knotted Shrug


Blonde Bob Wig

Smiffys Blonde Bob Wig for Vivian Ward CostumeSmiffys Blonde Bob Wig for Vivian Ward Costume


Thankfully, Smiffys have a low-cost blonde wig available, and this can be bought from their shopfront on

Thigh High Shiny PVC Boots

Black Shiny PVC Boots, thigh lengthBlack Shiny PVC Boots, thigh length


The boots are the most expensive accessory, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair for under £30. However, this pair by Fashion Thirsty is available for a decent price compared to other brands, in ladies sizes 3 to 8.

It is worth checking the online stores such as Asos and Debenhams may have a pair on sale.

Newsboy Hat

Black Woollen Newsboy Beret HatBlack Woollen Newsboy Beret Hat


Vivian Ward wears a black Newsboy hat in parts of the movie, and this one by Gisdanchz represents great value and is receiving very positive feedback from customers. It’s best worn with the blue and white dress costume and blonde bob wig.


Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward wearing leather bracelets and key necklace
Note the leather stud bracelts and gold coloured key necklace

One or more leather studded bracelets will enhance your look. Wear on the right arm, as Julia Roberts did in the film. We really like this bracelet set, which will give you a similar look…

Studded Leather Bracelet SetStudded Leather Bracelet Set


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Bestseller No. 2
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I hope you found our list of the Top 5 Pretty Woman fancy dress costumes useful.

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