Total Recall T-Shirts: Get Your Ass to Mars (in Style)

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If Total Recall (1990) left a permanent mark on your memory (and maybe a few nightmares), then you’ve landed in the right place! This page is your gateway to a collection of killer T-shirts that capture the iconic imagery and dark humour of this sci-fi masterpiece.

Remember that mind-bending trip to Mars? The three-breasted mutant woman? Arnold Schwarzenegger battling his two-handed self, and one-liners that punch harder than a mutant’s fist?

Channel your inner Quaid, whether you’re a construction worker with a repressed desire for adventure, a double agent on a mission, or simply someone who appreciates a good dose of Philip K. Dick-inspired weirdness. My selection of the very best tees features iconic scenes, unforgettable quotes, and striking character designs that will have searching for the nearest Johnny Cab.

Federal Colonies Total Recall T-Shirt by Postees

Grey T-shirt with red and black and red Federal Colonies logo from Total Recall, featuring stripes and circles.

Mars, home to the sprawling mining colony operated by the Earth-based Northern Bloc, saw Federal Colonies overseeing both the extraction of precious turbinium ore and the lives of citizens residing in the self-sustaining domed habitats. This Tee by Postees, features the logo that featured in the film, and is a great choice for die-hard fans. Total Recall T-shirts at Postees

Total Recall Doug Quaid Poster T-Shirt

Black T-shirt with Total Recall logo and Arnold Schwarzenegger blue face, and blue space background.

I particularly like the styling of this T-shirt, which features a segment of Arnie’s face with a blue tone. This is an officially licensed design and is available for men and women in sizes up to 6XL.

Total Recall Arnie Grimacing T-Shirt

Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger Grimacing Poster T-shirt with text "They stole his mind, now they want it back".

They stole his mind, now he wants it back! An eye-catching tee by Wild Star featuring the iconic Arnie scene where he is at Rekall. Made from high-quality, 100% cotton, and available in sizes from medium up to 4XL.

Rekall – For The Memory Of A Lifetime T-shirt

Sticking with the Rekall theme, this stylish fan-art T-shirt by Cloud City 7 features the turquoise logo of the memory implant company. It’s available in five sizes from small to XXL for men.

Officially Licensed Studio Canal Total Recall (1990) T-Shirt

Total Recall 1990 Movie T-shirt with Arnie image and Mars background.

Another eye-catching design which captures the atmosphere of the film. You’ll be surprised at the low price of this unisex T-shirt, given that it’s an official design. The downside is that it’s only available in black and a small size, as I write.

I hope you found my pick of the best Total Recall T-shirts useful. Now get your ass to Mars!

Official Total Recall Johnny Cab Photo T-shirtOfficial Total Recall Johnny Cab Photo T-shirtBUY from Recall Schwarzenegger 90s Poster T-ShirtTotal Recall Schwarzenegger 90s Poster T-ShirtBUY from


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