Wayne and Garth in Wayne's World

How to Create a Wayne's World Wayne Fancy Dress Costume

This theme idea is pretty straightforward and requires just 4 accessories to become Wayne from Wayne's World, the 1992 comedy film. While there are no complete Wayne's World costumes available, you can easily create one using accessories.

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Wayne's World Baseball Cap

Wayne's World Baseball Cap

Firstly, you need the black Wayne's World Cap, and there are a number of suppliers selling these on Amazon. I've displayed all of the best-priced items I could find at the bottom of this page, and the prices do vary quite widely.

Black Wayne Mullet Wig for Wayne's World Costume

Wayne Wig

Next, you'll need a black mullet wig. The best rated wig by customers is by Wig Me Up and the price is decent, too. The cheapest wig I could find is by Wicked Costumes, although the price could rise at any time as it appears to be on offer.

Wayne's World Wig and Baseball Cap

Or you could opt for this all-in-one Wayne wig and baseball cap which features "Party! Excellent!" on the front.

Fruite Of The Loom Plain Black T-shirt

Now you need a plain black crew neck T-shirt. With any luck, you will already have one somewhere in your wardrobe, but they're very cheap to buy anyway. The best value and best-rated black tee is by Fruit Of The Loom shown here. You could also use a Wayne's World logo T-shirt like this one below.

Wayne's World Logo T-shirt, Black
Zico Straight Leg Denim Jeans for Men

Finally, to finish off you're Wayne Costume you need a pair of regular fit light blue denim jeans with ripped knees. If you don't have any then this is the most expensive item of the four.


These Zico classic straight leg regular fit jeans are perfect for both a Garth and Wayne costume. It is entirely optional whether you rip the knees, of course, and I would certainly not be brave enough to do it! This pair fits up to 40" waist, which is more suitable for those of us over a certain age with pot bellies!

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